Sunday, September 11, 2011

Giving Your Novel That Edge

In an ocean of self-published novels it can extremely difficult to stand out and get noticed in a good way. First and foremost you must have a highly polished book that has been under the magnifying glass of a good, experienced freelance editor. Once you've done that the next logical step is to have a cover designed that will make people click on it and want to read it. It's easy to be tempted by the free cover designs offered on self-publishing sites but unfortunately, you almost always get what you pay for when it comes to those.

Design templates are never used by CP Design, ensuring that you will end up with a cover that is unique to you and your novel. Nothing is worse than showing up to the party wearing the same outfit as the competition and with design templates that's often what happens. Our designer will work with you to personally choose and alter the images that best suit you and your novel to represent and present it in a way that draws the right kind of attention.

CP Design was born of one author's search for a fantastic cover designer. It begins with the authors idea, grows with a excellent photos choices, and blossoms with the designer and author's collaboration. With more and more authors turning to self-publishing it's more important than ever to give your book that extra edge.

As CP Design is building their portfolio clients will be given 20% discount on all services. For your discount to go the Design Prices page, scroll down, and click on the link to contact the designer.

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