Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cover Art For Sale: Image 14

For those of you who either need inspiration, or are looking for a less expensive way to get a fantastic, unique cover design, I have great news! I've added a new feature where you can purchase art that I have put together during my free time, for a discounted price. The fonts on the cover below can be either deleted or changed depending on your needs. Here is the latest addition:

These images are art designed by myself from combining multiple photos, altering colors, and adding special effects. These designs are for sale at a lower price than if I had specifically designed them for you. You may purchase them as is (without the watermark of course) or you may purchase them and have me alter them further, add your name and title, and size them for all retail outlets. To discuss purchase or use in a cover designed by me, click on the Contact Me button on the right hand side bar. The price will be based on how much you need done.

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