Friday, May 15, 2015

Making The Right First Impression

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Covers are a book's first impression. They can mean the difference between browsers picking a book up (or clicking on it online) or passing it by. We all like to think readers don't judge a book by its cover, but they often do when it comes to choosing it. I'm guilty of it myself, especially when it comes to reading indie authors. I love indie books and I make it a point to read a lot of them. However, if an indie book has a bad cover I will pass it up because it is a reflection of how much time, effort, and/or money the author was willing to put into it. And, if they weren't willing to put in enough time/effort/money on their cover, my fear is that they haven't put it into their actual book either.

The amount of books out there is increasing daily, meaning an author's competition for simply getting that click or pick up, is terribly high. Making a good first impression is as vital to a book as it is to a person going to an interview or making a public appearance. To convince consumers to spend their money, indie authors and publishers must be willing to do the distance when it comes to a great book cover. Don't worry, that doesn't always mean spending a lot of money if you aren't artistically inclined. It means doing your research, finding the right cover designer for you and your book, and collaborating well to come up with a design that is both marketable (knowing what's hot in the genre, what works and doesn't work), and will stand out.  Go the distance for your cover and it will go the distance for you.

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