Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cover Design Contest and INDIE-giving

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to open my heart and share thanks. This year I have all of you, my wonderful readers and friends to be thankful for. Many of you are Indie authors who I've met along my journey, which makes this the perfect time to give back something special, a personalized cover design!

My lovely friends and fellow authors, the Indelibles are putting on INDIE-giving in which we take a week to show our thanks. The blogfest will run from November 18-25 (the Sunday-to-Sunday surrounding Thanksgiving). During this week, each participating blogger will reflect on her or his blessings and share something with visitors. Many will be doing giveaways! Others may choose to share the best piece of advice they wished they'd known before they published. The choice of what to share will be as unique as the individual blogger. The only requirement is that you open your heart in the spirit of thankfulness and giving.

If you'd like to join us, go to this link and add your name to the list, then get your post ready for November 18th. Mark your calendars indie authors because my personalized cover design giveaway contest start November 18th!


  1. Wow, that sounds fun! Unfortunately, I'm going to be SUPER busy because my whole family is coming over to my house. I'll try to stop back and read some entries, though!

    Have a nice day :)

    1. Thanks Jess. I completely understand, my house will be chaos as well. Have a great holiday!